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What’s Growing With Tom: Raised Beds

Welcome back everyone, we are talking about raised beds this week with .

Our focus this week is working with a new raised bed. If you haven’t bought or constructed one, simply do a web search for raised bed kits to find one that fits your needs.

The process it fairly simple: Fill your new constructed raised bed with Top Soil blend up to 6-8” from the top. 

Then put down a thin layer of newspaper.  This keeps any weeds in the Top Soil blend from growing to the top.

On top of the newspaper, fill the rest of the bed with Pro Vegetable 301. It has 77 trace minerals in it, Dairy Doo, kelp, worm castings and many other things to make your veggies like how they should!

Overfill with Pro Vegetable 301 by about 1-2”, because it will settle when you water it. Right now, it’s dry and fluffy. Make sure you water it thoroughly – it could take a good 10-20 minutes.

While this week was all about a new raised bed, next week we show you how little work it takes getting last year’s beds ready for planting.

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