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What’s Growing With Tom: Time to Plant

It’s time to get our plants in the ground!

I think the last cold night for most has past and you are good to go. The exception would be in the U.P. so be careful when planting. 

Flowers are really simple, but before planting figure out how high the flowers will get. Make sure they won’t overshadow others as they grow! Plan ahead.

All you have to do is make a hole, pop it out of the carton, place it in, cover and press with the .  201 is all organic with 18 ingredients and 77 trace elements to help the flowers really pop!

That takes no time, and we are off to the raised beds.

Seeds are the first thing we do, using Seed Starter 101 as a base.

The beds are filled with Vegetable Doo 301, but we dig out a few troughs for the seeds.

So the 101 goes into the 301, and we place the seeds into the 101 and cover over.  This way the seeds grow into the 301.

Always be sure to check how deep the seeds need to be sowed. These are just a 1/4″ so a light covering will do.  A lot are coming out, which means I’ll need to thin them out as they grow.

We are planting broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, and green beans for now.  More to come later this spring/summer.

Lastly is to water the plants completely. If you dig down and the Doo is light and fluffy, add more water. You really need to let it soak in.

Next week, it’s time to think about our food plot! Hunters will want to watch!

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