Charlevoix’s Hankins Pursues Pro Basketball Career

CHARLEVOIX — Zach Hankins had a successful college basketball career at Ferris State and Xavier, and the Charlevoix native is now pursuing a professional career.

Hankins earned Division II National Player of the Year honors, leading the Ferris State men’s basketball team to their first national title his junior year. Following that title, he transferred to Xavier for his final college basketball season.

“Ferris developed me an unbelieveable amount,” Hankins said. “I had amazing coaches there that really showed me how to be a basketball player. They took me in there because I was a 6-foot-9 kid that could run and they developed me into something like a D-1 player.”

Hankins adjusted well to Division I basketball, leading Big East and breaking the Xavier single-season record in field goal percentage. He now has NBA teams interested in him, as he worked out with the Warriors last week and worked out with the Bucks last year.

“You work out with some of the coaches, in front of the front office guys. It’s just kind of a chance for them to really see you up close and determine if they think that you’d be a good fit for their summer league, their G-League team, or their roster,” Hankins said. “The Warriors was the first one. I did the Bucks last year. And I’m hoping to get a good amount more is the goal. And then hopefully we get a Summer League contract.”

As Hankins pursues his pro career, he’s thankful for the support from his hometown.

“I understand it’s just a game. It’s my life right now, but it is just a game,” Hankins said. “Just to have people care about what I’m doing, even when I just come back through town to talk to people about it. It means a lot to have all that support and community behind you.”