Laker Ticket Taker: 53 Years and Counting

MAPLE CITY – It does not matter the season, the sport or the weather, if you come buy a ticket at a Glen Lake athletic event, you will see the same smiling face each time in Mrs. Mary Dennis.

Mrs. Mary has been taking tickets at sporting events for 53 years and counting.

“She really is the face of Glen Lake. Talk about a representative of a commitment to excellence. Over 53 years of service to kids, that is pretty special,” said Sander Scott, superintendent of Glen Lake Community Schools.

Mrs. Mary’s impact is so special, the district honored her with the Mary Dennis Community Service Award.

“They sprung that on me at a basketball game. The announcer kept saying, ‘Remember at halftime now we are going to honor somebody,’ and kept going, so when Denny was reading off and telling the special person they were going to honor and this and that, I just dropped my head,” recalled Dennis.

For Mrs. Mary, it was never about the recognition. She said, “Finally, I says, ‘Denny, Denny!’ And he says, ‘What Mary?’ I said, ‘You got to end this because people are not leaving to go out there in the concession and that is where the kids are making their money!'”

Often times, people like Mrs. Mary can go unnoticed, but not in the Glen Lake community.

“She has had years and years in the community and at our school, so she is just that staple of a name for us. The dedication that she gives to our events, our school, our student athletes, so that these games can go on, we do not find that much anymore. For her to continue for 53 years and counting, we are so thankful and she deserves recognition,” said Mark Mattson, Glen Lake athletic director.

If you are wondering how long Mrs. Mary plans to keep taking tickets…

“As long as I can add and I can figure and do not look like somebody that is half there when you are meeting somebody, I will probably keep at it. If they get anybody interested, well fine, so you will not get rich, but you will enjoy it with the kids,” said Dennis.

She added some advice for anyone who tries to fill her shoes, “When you see somebody that is not very happy or something, just try to encourage them and do not ask them what is the matter. Just try to give them a little sentence or something to get their mind off that and onto something else so they feel better.”