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What’s Growing With Tom: Hanging Flower Baskets

The frost is gone and we want to spruce up the flower garden!

One way is with hanging flower baskets, but we want them to last all summer long. 

Justin with says most places don’t put a lot in the baskets, so most plants tend to run out of nutrients quickly.

He recommends putting in Worm Doo. It a different Doo, as it’s mostly worm castings, so there’s high fungal activity helping the plant keep going all summer long.

The Worm Doo brings up the organic matter allowing the plant to have water during dry periods.

Bloom Blaster is another option for your flowers. This is high in phosphorus with folic acid and kelp as well.

Kelp brings plants strength and their immunity up. Pay attention to the directions and use every 1 – 2 weeks in a crisscross pattern.

Next week, we are at the apple tree we planted last year talking about tree and shrub care.

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