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What’s Growing With Tom: Trees and Shrubs

The weather’s been feeling summer-like lately, and it looks like any chance of frost is gone.

I’ve done a few things to the garden, but it’s still early to harvest anything.

That means time to work on other things, like our trees and shrubs. 

We planted an apple tree last year and it looked great for weeks.

But Japanese beetles invaded and damaged the tree. I was worried it wouldn’t make it.

We sprayed Japanese Beetle Killer and it took care of them, but the damage was done.

The good news, we had used lots of Tree and Shrub Doo and even sprayed with Fruit Blaster during the summer giving it some hope.

Now, the tree is in great shape but we still have to keep watch for beetles this year.

Tree and Shrub Doo is our friend as it keeps the tree’s immunity up.

Justin with says spreading out more Doo will also promote the tree’s growth upward and outward.

We don’t need to dig it in, but spread it about a foot outside the current drip line.

Fruit Blaster isn’t needed right now, but in a few weeks spray it every 7-14 days!

It may not produce fruit this year, but may very well next year.

Do you have issues with grubs and moles? You’ll want to watch next week as we talk with Morgan Composting’s soil scientist.

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