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What’s Growing With Tom: Keep Lawns Looking Green

This spring was not warm or dry but things are beginning to change. That means the green, thick lawns are going to start changing as well.

Here at Heritage House, we’ve been using Dairy Doo in the lawn and around the trees and bushes, so it looks great.If you want your lawn to look just as nice, Justin says use Safe Green Lawn. It doesn’t have phosphorus as we limit what goes into the soil keeping down the chance of algae blooms in local lakes and streams.

You can see a salt based fertilizer gives you a boost but if you don’t have a lot of organic soil it goes through the soil quickly. If you use Safe Green Lawn, it has organic matter, allowing the nutrients to stay in the growing zone.

The other option is a short term fix called Turf Blaster. It’s a liquid fertilizer, also with no phosphorus, delivering a kick of Nitrogen really greening up your lawn.  All you do is hook it up to a hose and spray it around the lawn.

Justin says for Long Term plans use Safe Green Lawn. It will build up that organic matter making the lawn better over the coming years.  For a quick change, spray on Turf Blaster and your lawn will really green up in just a few days,

Tune in next week and you’ll see how our garden is doing.

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