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What’s Growing With Tom: Popular Gardening Trends

Summer is in full gear and our plants are loving it. This week we are not working in the garden but talking about popular trends in gardening.

We are at the weather garden, which is full of raised beds. We’ve been talking about them for a few years, it’s been a popular trend, wouldn’t you say?

Yeah, super easy, super convenient. What are other popular trends in gardening these days?

So any master gardener class these days, or group that you talk to really, they are talking about worm castings.

What exactly is a worm casting? It’s the remnants that worms leave behind.

Worm castings have good fungal activity that breaks down the soil but at a temperature lower than 120 degrees.

Dairy Doo and 8-4-4 All-purpose fertilizer are a trend as well. The 8-4-4 is poultry based and a granulated product, so it can be spread easily. Dairy Doo is manure based with a lot of organic matter. It’s not easy to spread, but is great for your plants.

Dairy Doo is great to build your soil, while the 8-4-4 is great to feed your soil.

The last trend is liquid fertilizer. Morgan Composting puts folic acid in their products as well as sea kelp. It’s not just good for our bodies, but for our plants as well in helping build their immunity.

Next week, we are talking how to make our vegetables taste better.

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