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What’s Growing With Tom: Adding Some Key Minerals

It’s always great to grow a nice and rich garden with lots of vegetables, but does you food taste great?

If not, odds are your garden is lacking some key minerals. 

Justin Morgan from recommends adding Azomite. It’s an organic product mined in Utah that brings minerals back into our soil, making your veggies taste better!

Since we use Veggie Doo 301, we don’t need to add it to our raised beds. Azomite is an important component when mixing up the Doo mixes at Morgan Composting.

Don’t use Veggie Doo 301 and your beds are filled up, just sprinkle it around like fertilizer – like feeding chickens. It’s nice and east!

If you have space in your beds, simple buy a couple bags of Veggie Doo 301 and top it off.

The problem is with constant growing in the same ground over years, vital minerals are taken by your vegetable. Putting those minerals back in is key to making your food taste the ways it’s supposed to.

While we love great food, we know deer do too! It’s time to till and plant our food plot. Tune in next week for the details.

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