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What’s Growing With Tom: Making a Food Plot Part 1

This week we are focusing on the woods for hunters this fall. The bait ban was put into effect so hunters are no longer allowed to put out piles of carrots, beets etc.

But you can attract deer by growing feed in a food plot. It may be July, but hunters need to plan ahead for the fall hunt.

Last year’s food plot did very well but that doesn’t mean we just plant seed. We are still building the plot for the long-term.

First we need to tear up the soil. This year we are using a tool called PlotMaster that Justin with brought. It’s a tillage tool. It has two sets of discs that cut up the soil and then chisels at the back, breaking up the sod and giving it a rototilled look.

We have sandy soil, but it still need to be broken up. Even with a wet spring, you can tell the soil is dry by all the dust being kicked up. Down the road, the soil won’t be as dusty because there will be a lot more organic material in it.

So, our soil is tilled, now we must add lime to bring up the PH. If you have ferns in your areas, the soil’s PH is too low and needs to come up. Don’t know your PH? Have you soil tested!

After the lime is spread we put down Food Plot Doo. This provides organic matter and many other nutrients to get your seed growing and being feed all year long.

Once you have the soil prepared, choosing a seed is the next step.  That’s next week’s segment!

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