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What’s Growing With Tom: Making a Food Plot Part 2

Last week, we showed you the steps of building a food plot:  Choosing a good area, tilling up the soil and spreading lime and Food Plot Doo.

This week is about what to plant. First off, you have many options to choose from like alfalfa, trefoil, clovers, and turnips, and that’s to just name a few.

A lot depends on if you want the plot to come back the next year or not.  ’s Big Buck Mix has four different clovers and alfalfa that come back every year.

If you want to put something in every year, you can plant brassicas, radish, and turnips!  The brassicas grow quickly, but once the frost hits, they turn to sugar, which is great for archery season!

Justin with Morgan Composting likes to put a mix of all of them in his plots, trying to give the deer some of everything.

Spreading the seed is quick and easy either using a pull behind, push or hand held spreader.

Always go over the soil after planting, making sure there is good seed to soil contact.

Now we just wait for it to rain! As long as it rains within in a few weeks, all will be fine. But if it doesn’t, things will be delayed and the plants may not fully mature before the fall.

These seeds germinate quickly so you get results quickly… after it rains!

Stay tuned for updated on Facebook for how quickly it’s growing!

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