Chippewa Hills’ Carson Surprised At Lions Camp

CLARE – Saying Ryland Carson has had a tough year is an understatement.

Back in March, the now 13-year-old was severely burned all over his body after an accident at home.

He was using a torch to light a wood fire, but ended up burning himself. Because of his injuries he spent time at Shriner’s Hospital in Cincinnati to recover.

Now, Carson is working every day to get better. Part of that recovery included an invite to the Detroit Lions Legends Camp in Clare on Wednesday.

“It meant a lot to at least know I was invited to come out here but to know that they actually wanted to do something for me, and put a statement out, it was really cool,” said Carson.

Football has always been a big part of Carson’s life and to be on the field with some of the best was a dream come true, especially since his goal now is to get back to football and living a normal life.

“Mainly just to get back to doing the things I love, such as football,” Carson said. “There’s a lot of burn NFL players, nothing as serious as mine, but they all had to fight to get where they were so I think I might as well fight to get to where I want to be.”

After hearing Carson’s story, the players wanted to make Carson apart of the camp.

“It kind of lifted his spirits, you know, hanging out and meeting guys and realizing we’re just like anybody else,” said Jeff Chadwick, a former Lions wide receiver and the one who first heard about Carson’s story.

There was more in store for him, though.

They presented him with an autographed Lions football, with signatures from all seven of the legends that put on the camp, which include Eric Hipple, Corey Schlesinger, Lomas Brown, Jeff Chadwick, Scott Conover, George Jamison, and Luther Bradley.

“For him to just be out here, first of all it’s an inspiration to every one of these kids,” said Eric Hipple. “Healing burns is very excruciating, excruciating pain and what he’s gone through, and for him to still have the outlook and the attitude he has and the want to get back, it’s fantastic and something I think we can all learn from.”

The camp continues through Thursday at the Brookwood Athletic Complex in Clare.

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