Fan Caves of Northern Michigan: Dave Taberski of Maple City

MISportsNow is traveling throughout northern Michigan this summer in search of the best fan caves. This is the first episode in the weekly series.

MAPLE CITY – It’s not usual to visit the home of a die-hard sports fan and find one room dedicated to their favorite team or sport.

For Maple City’s Dave Taberski, his collection demands two rooms.

A baseball and golf fan, Taberski’s basement is where you can find his vast display of baseball memorabilia, while an upstairs room is dedicated to his love for the game of golf.

His hardball collection features dozens of baseball card sets dating back to the 1950s, Sporting News magazines from the 1960s, a lithograph of the 1968 World Series champion Detroit Tigers that is signed by select players and 351 baseball caps to go along with numerous photos, pennants, trophies and autographs. A high school softball umpire, Taberski displays dozens of softballs from past MHSAA tournament contests he’s worked as well as accolades he’s received.

In Taberski’s upstairs golf room you’ll find dozens of pencil and logo balls from golf courses throughout Michigan and the country.

“All golf courses for the most part sell what they call ‘logo balls,’ and I started buying a logo ball every place that I went,” Taberski said. “As a matter of fact, we were at a course about three weeks ago that I didn’t, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have it. The Cadillac Country Club, and so there’s probably 150 or so balls up there from different golf courses, mostly in Michigan, but there’s different states as well.”

Taberski’s golf collection is capped off in his basement with a swing simulator.