Ferris State’s Bronkema Competes in 21st Annual Celebrity Sulky Harness Race

BIG RAPIDS – It was a different arena than what Ferris State men’s basketball coach Andy Bronkema was used to, but the result was still the same for the McBain native.

Bronkema competed alongside four other racers in the 21st annual Celebrity Sulky Harness Race at the Mecosta County Fairgrounds on Tuesday and came out on top of the charity race.

“A different arena, but we’ve been coming to this as a family for many years,” Bronkema said. “My wife’s been helping with the infield party for a number of years, so I guess it was my turn. A lot of the athletic department has raced Coach Daniels, and Perk (Weisenbuger), and John Coles but my turn is up and here I am.”

Bronkema and others competed in the name of charity, raising more than $40,000 for area charities.

“The charity honestly picked me, Friends of Ferris through Jeremy Mishler who’s on that board, but they’re helping us out, Ferris and Big Rapids, and they’re lobbying to help the cause of the community and for Ferris State, I work for Ferris State so I’m a team player and when it was my turn to step up and represent Friends of Ferris.”