Seven Former Detroit Lions Put On Camp In Clare

CLARE – Summertime is synonymous with sports camps, and it was no different today at the Brookwood Athletic Complex in Clare.

But Wednesday’s camp was not your average one.

It was put on by seven former Detroit Lions players: Eric Hipple, Corey Schlesinger, Lomas Brown, Jeff Chadwick, Scott Conover, George Jamison, and Luther Bradley.

“Sports can be a really great piece of your life,” said Hipple. “It’s just all things, team work, working together, accomplishment, setting goals, all that stuff is embodied in it, and also getting the pay off of hard work. You get something back, you know what I mean, so you’re also improving yourself and that’s what I like, to try and make sure it’s done correctly.”

That’s the main reason these former players get together, to pass on their knowledge, help kids achieve their dreams, and give them a good skill base to start from.

But it’s also a great time to get old teammates back together.

“Most of these guys I played with or knew someone that played with them, and it’s always going to be a tight group of guys, whether we played together or we didn’t. And some of us actually played against each other at some point in our career, but it doesn’t matter. We have a bond that’s irreplaceable,” said Chadwick.

The Detroit Lions are known for what their involvement in youth programs all across the state.

“We’re really invested in just being apart of the community, it feels good to us, we’ve got some experience to share with kids and what not, and it’s just fun, it makes life more fun,” added Hipple.

The Lions Legends Football Camp finishes up on Thursday at Brookwood Athletic Complex in Clare.

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