Triebold And Lajoie Win Back-To-Back AuSable River Canoe Marathon Championships

OSCODA – After 120 miles and over 14 hours, we have a winner of the 2019 Consumers Energy AuSable River Canoe Marathon.

Steve Lajoie and Andy Triebold crossed the finish line after 14 hours, 15 minutes and 34 seconds. That’s two minutes faster almost exactly faster than their time last year, which was 14:17:36.

The idea this year was that because of the water levels, Lajoie and Triebold could possibly break the record for fastest time in the ARCM, but that theory had the opposite impact.

“The water level was like in between,” said Lajoie. “We called it suck water, so it seems like it’s sucking the boat so it’s always muscle, muscle, muscle, all the time.”

The water level and the power needed to keep going was an obstacle for many of the teams. Many paddlers came out of the water having a hard time walking and needing more time than usual to recuperate. One of those paddlers included Triebold, who was still feeling the effects before the trophy presentation.

Regardless of the obstacles, Triebold and Lajoie came out on top for the 11th time as a team.

“We went hard all night, all day, back and forth with second and third and I know there was a pack at some moments so those guys are working together. We’re on our own so sometimes that’s good, but if they really work together it makes it really hard for us,” added Lajoie.

Here is the rest of the top 5 teams:

  • (2) Guillaume Blais and Samuel Frigon – 14:20:13
  • (3) Chris Issendorf and Pete Mead – 14:21:18
  • (4) Mike Davis and Shane MacDowell – 14:25:54
  • (5) Graham Smith and Matt Meersman – 14:31:05

For a full list of where teams placed and times, you can visit the Marathon’s website.