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What’s Growing With Tom: Lawn Care in Dry Times

After working on the food plot, it’s time to shift gears and talk about the lawn.

Things have dried out over the last week and your lawn may not be in great shape.

Heritage House is lucky, we water daily so even in dry times the grass looks great.

If you can’t water, there are ways to help your lawn during high stress conditions.

Justin with recommends making sure plenty of organic matter is in your lawn. You can do that by building up your soil.

Morgan Composting has several options for you that are organic, containing carbon, kelp, calcium, etc.

The matter acts like little sponges holding water for when it’s needed.

In addition, their blends are phosphorus free, so no need to worry about run-off reaching local lakes, rivers and streams.

It’s not easy keeping your lawn green when it doesn’t rain for a while, but working and building your lawn to hold water makes a big difference.

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