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What’s Growing With Tom: Flower Bed & Hanging Baskets

Welcome back, everyone!

This week we are taking a close look at our hanging baskets. They are not in good shape, but they are blooming again. We talked about what happened a while back. They suffered due to little watering while at I was at the National Cherry Festival.

I was determined to bring them back to life and the good news is they are… Slowly, but they are coming back!  Always remember to water your hanging baskets DAILY!

The great news is the flower bed is looking incredible! Everything is blooming and looks fantastic! They are getting plenty of water, food and sunshine, they just don’t stop blooming!

Flower Doo is certainly making a huge impact, taking in all the phosphorus and the minerals put into the mix.

Justin with says I could spray them with Bloom Blaster if I wanted to, but it’s not really needed because of how good things are looking.

If I decide to use it later, Justin says to only give them a quick sweep in a crisscross of the spray of Bloom Blaster. Don’t soak them with it! And only use it every 7-14 days!

Our flowers really boomed this year and I’m really happy how they turned out! They will last until a good frost, so hoping the color will be bright through September!

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