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What’s Growing With Tom: Food Plot Update

A few weeks ago we dug up and expanded our food plot. It took some time but we got it done and now things are looking fantastic.

Even with dry conditions the last week or two, there is plenty of green. The plot does have a few ferns, but that’s perfectly acceptable considering the soil we are dealing with.

The plants are thick and lush. Ferns means the soil is still a bit acidic, but we are not going to worry about them. The plot is looking far too nice to mess with it. 

Remember, we didn’t use any chemical sprays.  All we did was dig up the soil, put down lime and fertilizer and then planted the seeds.

The brassicas are shaping to be nice and tender coming into October, perfect for our deer to feed on. After the first frost, they turn into a delectable sugar which the deer love!

If there was yellowing, a spray such as Alfa Blaster might be needed to help it along into the fall.  If you planted corn and it doesn’t look the best, then Forage Blaster would be needed.

Justin with says he would give our plot a quick blast of Alfa Blaster for a little extra food going into the fall.

This is our last segment on the food plot, so be sure to watch our Facebook page with pics from this fall and winter.

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