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What’s Growing With Tom: Getting the Lawn Ready for Fall

Our garden is doing well, but not like when we had the summer heat!

That means we can start getting the lawn ready for fall.

We are happy the lawn looks great, and it gets better and better since we started the Dairy Doo regiment a couple years ago.

Our next step is to put to down some Safe Green Lawn. It has Dairy Doo in it as well as humates, great for the carbon!

Plus, the helps to break down the thatch, like leaves – that’s a good source of organic matter.

It’s simple to put down with a common spreader. Select the number and go!

Now how about over-seeding?  My lawn needs seeding and this is a great time to do it.

So the first step is to mow, seed and then fertilize. DO NOT mow and fertilize at the same time!

If you can, use a roller to make sure you are getting good seed to ground contact. This will make sure it has a chance to germinate and develop into a healthy lawn.

The process is simple and then all you need to do is make sure it gets water to help it grow.

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