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What’s Growing With Tom: Field Prep

We are late in the growing season and you might think it’s not a good time to think about next season, but it is!

Plant your grass seed, put down fertilizer, and get your land ready for the coming year!

That’s what we are talking about this week.

Farmers and hunters, if you have land you want to start using there are things you have to do to get it prepared.

Joel Clifton from says the first step is to take soil samples. This means taking samples all around your land. You need to dig about 6” down and take a small column of dirt. Do this for about 6-12 spots across the field.

Be sure to collect your samples in a plastic bucket, that way any metal doesn’t contaminate the sample.

After submitting your sample, the lab analyzes and determines what compost and nutrients you need to make the land suitable to grow what you want.

Since we are looking at a large field, the mix you need isn’t delivered in bags but dump trucks or semi-trucks.

Key thing is we want to spread it this fall, that way the land is ready for spring planting.

And fall is not that far down the road, so next week we are starting to shut down the garden.

Tune in for the steps to make sure your garden bed is ready for next year.

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