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What’s Growing With Tom: Last Harvest

It may not feel like fall this week, but you know it’s coming. That means we need to harvest the rest of our veggies and get the beds ready for next spring.

We had a good year with plenty of carrots, lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes. Our zucchini had a slow start but still produced a lot. However, the recent cool spell and wet weather allowed a lot of powdered mildew to grow.

The good news is we got enough to last a while, so it’s time to rip them out!  Most of our tomatoes are still green but most will ripen over the coming days, even not being on the vine!

So, our first step to getting the bed ready is ripping out all our plants! It’s not hard but it has to be done. We don’t worry about leaves and the left over small roots. They can be left buried in the soil.

The reasoning is Dairy Doo will decompose them over the winter, thus making more food available for next year’s plants. Some of you may want to wait till next year to do this, Justin from says not to. Do it now!

We want the microbiology of the soil to work for us now, rather than waiting till spring. In the spring you want all the food and energy going to growing new plants rather than breaking down last years.

That part is easy and so is finalizing the bed. The details about that are coming up next week.

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