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What’s Growing With Tom: Closing Down the Beds for Winter

I hope you watched last week’s segment and could see how easy this project is.

The easiest part was just ripping out all the plants.

Our next step is to measure the beds to figure out how much Dairy Doo is needed. The goal is to put down a half-inch over the entire bed.

Using the calculator on the Dairy Doo website, it says to use about one bag.

So we spread it out, making sure it gets into the soil a few inches deep and covering all the leaves and leftover roots.

The next step is using spreading Healthy Garden. It spreads at 2 pounds for every 100 square feet, so we only need a one-fourth pound for this bed. That’s just a sprinkling for all of it.

Once that’s done, the bed is ready for winter.

Justin from  says flower beds are done the exact same way; pull out the plants, figure out how much Dairy Doo is needed, spread it and put down Healthy Garden.

The entire process is simple. It just takes time, and in this case, less than a half an hour.

I hoped you enjoyed watching this year’s What’s Growing With Tom.

Stay tuned to for pics from our food plot.

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