Smith: Area Football Teams Face Lengthy Travel as Playoffs Continue

The second round begins! The travel contenders and pretenders are starting to take shape, and football teams from everywhere in the Mitten are prepping for the district round of playoffs. The first round gave us some surprising and not so surprising results.

But one thing remains constant, the travel it takes to get to the next round. Some of the second round teams need to travel just down the road, Birmingham Seaholm travels to arch-rival Birmingham Groves just 1.7 miles down the street. While some teams must embark on a long, perilous journey across the Mackinac Bridge to face their next opponent, like Charlevoix must do this week when they travel 253 miles to face Iron Mountain.

But Charlevoix and Birmingham Seaholm don’t hold the travel distance titles so far through the first round. Macomb Dakota takes the shortest traveled trophy with only 15 miles traveled in the first two round, while Cadillac takes the longest travel distances over two games with a whopping 493 miles traveled. Two games against opponents in the U.P. will do that to your total.

So let’s take a look at some of the data for the district round of playoffs. And as snow beings to fall across some portions of the state. Travel and field conditions may be an even bigger advantage this week than last.

Longest and Shortest Average Travel Distances by Division
Division 1 teams travel 29.10 miles on average this week, among D1-D8.

Division 7 travel 66.51 miles on average this week, highest among D1-D8.

8-Player D1 teams travel 93.78 miles on average this week

8-Player D2 teams travel 170.5 miles on average this week

Teams across all divisions travel 57.58 miles this week

Total sum of all travel this week is 4606.3 miles

Top 5 Longest Trips for Districts (D1-D8)
Charlevoix at Iron Mountain = 253 miles
Cadillac at Sault Ste. Marie = 200 miles
Menominee at Calumet = 192 miles
Midland Dow at Muskegon Mona Shores = 147 miles
Muskegon Oakridge at Kingsley = 132 miles

Top 3 Longest Trips for Regionals (8P1 & 8P2)
Onekama at Climax-Scotts = 204 miles
Pickford at Power North Central = 185 miles
Kinde North Huron at Portland St. Patrick = 147 miles

Top 5 Shortest Trips for Districts (D1-D8)
Birmingham Seaholm at Birmingham Groves = 1.7 miles
Detroit Cass Tech at Dearborn Fordson = 6.9 miles
Sand Creek at Adrian Lenawee Christian = 7.4 miles
Riverview at Allen Park = 7.4 miles
Macomb Dakota at Sterling Heights Stevenson = 11.2 miles

Highest Combined Travel Distances for teams still in playoffs
Cadillac = 493 miles
Menominee = 324 miles
Midland Dow = 267 miles
Lowest Combined Travel Distances for teams still in playoffs
Macomb Dakota = 15 miles
Detroit Cass Tech = 16.6 miles
Grand Rapids South Christian = 26.8 miles

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