Eastern U.P Conference Announces Boys Basketball All-Conference Teams

The Eastern U.P. Conference has announced its 2019-20 boys basketball all-conference teams.

Pickford senior Nick Edington earned Player of the Year honors while senior teammate Jimmy Storey was named the conference’s Defensive Player of the Year.

First Team All-Conference
Zach Gross, Brimley
Trey Paquin, Cedarville
EJ Suggitt, Rudyard
Jimmy Storey, Pickford
Tate Besteman, Rudyard
Second Team All-Conference
Ian McArthur, Engadine
Dayton Parrish, Brimley
Like Jordan, Newberry
Grant Fountain, DeTour
Blake Friisvall, Rudyard
Honorable Mention
Tyler Brandt, Cedarville
Kyle Gould, Engadine
Luke Batho, Pickford
Blain Burnaby, Pickford
Austin Warner, Rudyard
Brandon Pomero, Brimley
Logan Depew, Newberry
Eric Huyck, Pickford
Foreign Exchange Student Special Mention
Pedro Pardo, Engadine
Michal Vigas, Engadine
Injury Special Mention
Hunter Dennis, Engadine

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