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What’s Growing With Tom: Getting Ready for Gardening

Spring is here and it’s starting to feel and look like it for some of you.

It’s time to get the raised beds ready to go. The one thing slowing us down is COVID-19.

That’s why I’m at the Heritage House and Justin is at .

Justin says, “I hope everybody’s staying safe over at 9&10. Northern Michigan, hope you guys are staying safe. Morgan Composting is doing their part making sure that we keep our social distance. We’re here in the worm barn in Sears, Michigan, we’re surrounded by 3 million worm. You know, a couple of the questions we got this year that are really popular, more so than ever. People are really, really excited and concerned about growing their own vegetables, and more so than I’ve ever seen before in this business.

Guys are wondering about how to grow their own raised beds, families are wondering about how to grow a garden and be successful. You know, gardening is really fun when it works. It’s a really big pain when it doesn’t work. So we want to provide the right products to make it successful for you and your family. Don’t panic Northern Michigan, you know, we still have time you know obviously we still got some cold nights coming through and Tom will fix that on his end so he’s all good.

So, as this warms up we got we got plenty of time to get our gardens in and we provide a couple different products for that. The Dairy Doo and the Worm Doo if you’re going to go and ground the doo who will help bring up the biologicals and then the Worm Doo will help bring up the fungal number. I tell people it’s like raising a child, You know, that’s getting that the foundation of that child is right with using milk and getting that immune system built up and it’s no different than seed starter. This has micro fungi in it and asamite and dairy to worm doo in there’s 15 different ingredients in here. So that’s really the jumpstart to help that seed in that plant get going.

So that brings me to like the next thing is the children. You know, our kids the next generation, helping them understand how to grow a garden, you know, teaching them that because I was able to work with my great grandma and grandpa, and gardening. And now I’m blessed to be with the children, I can help them. And I think it’s important for us to teach the next generation, that food doesn’t come from grocery stores. You know, food comes from the garden out back or from the farmer’s field. And if we can do it in our own home setting in our own garden, we can control what we put in there. We can be more sustainable, we can be more organic, we can use the vitamins to help grow that plan out. So it’s important for us to really focus in on how to be a little more. Maybe homestead, go back to canning and go back to what great grandpa grandma used to do. So Northern Michigan, stay safe.”

Next week, we get into the dirt showing you how to put together a raise bed.  See you then!