Elk Rapids Alum Walker Reflects on Collegiate Hoops Career

Elk Rapids native Cole Walker recently wrapped up a successful collegiate basketball career at Ferris State.

His senior class tied Ferris State’s program record for wins in four years, and Walker was a part of the team that won the school’s first national championship two years ago.

In March, Walker and the rest of Ferris State’s men’s basketball program was en route to the team’s first-round game in the NCAA Division II tournament in Indianapolis when he and the rest of the Bulldogs found out their season was over.

In Walker’s case, his basketball career has come to an end, as he opted not to pursue basketball overseas and begin his career in northern Michigan.

“We kind of just knew that it was about to happen but it was just a slow burn. And once we finally got the news I mean, we talked for a little bit, and then we just turned around went to Outback Steakhouse, went home, but it’s just really like unfulfilling, and because yeah we did a really good team this year. We were matching up with Truman pretty well we think, and we think we could have made a run so it’s just sad that had to end that way.”

Walker will soon start his professional career close to home in Traverse City. In the meantime, Walker has been keeping busy with a part-time job trimming trees at a cherry farm across the street from his home.