Local Student-Athletes Get Creative From Home

It has been a few weeks without sports in northern Michigan, and local student-athletes are starting to get restless in their homes. That has led to a lot of creative ideas past around on social media.

The Peters brothers in Traverse City have created several different courses throughout their house, with the ultimate goal of getting the golf ball into the cup. All three brothers — Carson, Cam and Graham — play hockey and golf in Traverse City, and they said that the idea started with boredom.

“All this time with this quarantine stuff, there’s nothing really to do except for homework and chores. So we wanted to do something fun,” Carson Peters said.

“It’s just fun and it’s a good time bonding with your brothers,” Cam Peters said. “Obviously there’s a lot of hype around it right now. But just fun to be with my brothers over this break.”

The courses can take up to six to eight hours to build, and they have gotten a lot of recognition from it, with millions of views on TikTok. They also have received some sponsorships from the videos.

“I’ll get like a text from a buddy or a friend or family member every minute when I first posted it,” Carson said. “It started getting a lot of views. I keep seeing it shared over the internet, and it’s crazy.”

Meanwhile, local spring-sport teams have made some challenges over social media. Softball teams have created videos of them tossing the softball from one player to the next in separate videos, while girls soccer teams have joined in on the fun by kicking some toilet paper to one another.

Check out some of the videos made below, and if you or your team have posted similar videos, send them to our sports team at sportsdepartment@9and10news.com, so we can add them to the site.


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