Senior Spotlight: Chippewa Hills’ Gandy Prepares to Start Rowing Career at Eastern Michigan

MISportsNow is putting the spotlight on northern Michigan high school senior student-athletes who had their seasons cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Chippewa Hills senior Emily Gandy was a freshman when the Warriors started a girls soccer program. Unfortunately, Gandy wasn’t given the opportunity to compete during senior season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gandy imagined continuing her soccer career at the collegiate level, but instead will be joining Eastern Michigan’s women’s rowing program in the fall, despite having never competed in the sport.

The EMU rowing coaching staff saw her soccer recruiting profile and offered her a spot with the rowing program.

Now, Gandy’s taking the time to learn more about the sport.

“Basically, I’ve just been researching, trying to figure out and when we went and visited, they explained everything,” Gandy said. “They actually have a lot of athletes on their team that have transferred from soccer and swimming and different sports like that. So, when I came, I was like, ‘So why did you pick me? Like, what did I do to catch your eye?’ And they’re like, ‘Basically we look for athletic people who are tall and involved in several sports. And I’ve been doing sports my whole life. So, I’m just trying to wrap my head around it still.”

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