Senior Spotlight: Traverse City West’s Farkas Bringing Rugby Talent to Davenport

MISportsNow is putting the spotlight on northern Michigan high school senior student-athletes who had their seasons cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Traverse City West recently held a virtual signing day and commitment ceremony for more than a dozen senior student-athletes including Olivia Farkas, a member of the Traverse Bay Blues rugby club.

A Davenport commit, rugby first caught the attention of Farkas after her sister convinced her to join a rugby team in high school.

“I was super resistant. I didn’t want to play, which seems silly now that now I’m going to college for it,” Farkas said. “Finally my junior year of high school I decided to do it. And as soon as I did my first practice went there, I fell in love with it and I’ve been super passionate about ever since.”

As it turned out, Farkas had talent, and competing in college became a reality thanks to support from her coach.

“When I went to a camp in the summer, I played on a summer team and I started to fall in love with it more,” Farkas said. “She (her coach) started reaching out to different colleges and asking me if I wanted to make a highlight video to send to some people. We just ended up going for it, doing it. And Davenport wanted me and that was my number one choice.”

Farkas joins a Davenport program that is a consistent postseason qualifier and one that won both the 2017 USA Rugby DI 15’s National Championship and the 2018 USA Rugby D1 Elite Division 7’s Shield Championship.

And to think Farkas got this far by simply just taking a chance on the game.

“I couldn’t believe that I’d gone so long without knowing what it was,” she said. “From that point, I just realized, ‘Hey, like this is the coolest sport I’ve ever played in my entire life and I love it so much.’ It’s been an amazing experience for me.”

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