The Barn Gym: Local Athletes Get Creative to Stay in Shape

GRAYLING – With gyms closed across Michigan because of the coronavirus pandemic, many athletes have had to readjust the workout regimens and get creative.

Grayling senior fullback and Alma College commit Eli Jackson is one of those athletes getting creative to stay in shape.

Grayling Farm Workout Pkg7

It’s not every day you can find yourself lifting weights and working out alongside barnyard animals, but that’s exactly what Jackson and some of his former Grayling teammates are doing.

“I decided to clean out the side of the barn and got a bunch of my old equipment in my gym from my house and then all my buddies brought equipment over here and kind of made a makeshift gym,” Jackson said. “It’s kind of been on the fly, since we moved all that stuff in there. You got to readjust and adapt.”

Grayling Farm Workout Pkg5

Jackson, alongside fellow senior and Alma College commit Nick Bluemlein, among others, are utilizing everything in sight – and we do mean everything – to get ready for the fall football season. Weights, tractors, tires, hay bales and sledge hammers are included in the barn workouts.

Former Grayling teammate Nick Hunter, a Michigan State redshirt freshman wide receiver and Spartan walk-on, jumped at the idea to work out alongside Jackson and Bluemlein.

“Eli told me he had a little bit of weights here at the barn, so I thought that was kind of cool” Hunter said. “We have tire runs, or tire pulls. We have the hay bale jumps, and some days we do a sledge hammer, hitting the tire with them. Or Eli takes the tractor and lifts the forks up all the way, and we can just grab onto those and do pull ups like that.”

As for the goats and cows keeping Jackson and his teammates company, Jackson’s embraced the atmosphere.

“You’re right in there with like animals and stuff,” Jackson said. “We can pretty much do anything you want in there, so it’s pretty awesome.”

“For me it’s fun, it’s just a different atmosphere,” added Bluemlein.

Jackson and the rest of his teammates are practicing social distancing and wearing masks while using the barn gym.

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