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What’s Growing With Tom: Putting Together a Raised Bed

This past weekend surely felt like spring. It felt like we should be planting, but we can’t. It’s still too early. However, we can get our raised beds ready to plant!

Welcome back Northern Michigan, I’m with Justin Morgan from . We’re ready to grow some vegetables but first of all those of you who don’t have a raised bed, there’s a lot of options out there, Justin, we built these earlier.

Justin says raised beds are very popular this year. More and more people are really concerned about where their food is coming from, you know, that’s the key is, you know, having our own food being more sustainable together, making sure we do things and all the work and energy that we put together make sure that we pick the right product so we can be successful to help teach our children how to raise vegetables and then maybe go back to canning and homesteading a little more as everybody feels the shock of COVID-19.

So our raised bed is built but it needs more dirt or potting soil for our plants.

On the bottom, we want to fill it with topsoil blend. We leave six to eight inches on the top for Veggie Doo 301. Okay, so first we started with topsoil on the bottom, and then we put the newspaper on as a barrier. And then we’ll bring in the Veggie Doo 301.  That’s a handcrafted potting soil. It has minerals in there, you know it’s loading up on plant with the minerals that they need that we forget about, and so that tomato will taste like a tomato, the pepper plant might be a little hotter if you’re going jalapenos, because the extra minerals that are in there.

So it sounds like it makes it much better when you use that stuff.

Yeah. It’s loaded ready to go and just water it in really well because we don’t put any chemicals in there because it’s organic, and there’s no polymers in there so we just got to help water it in, and this products available in one cubic foot bag, a big superset or by bulk.

Our next step right now just putting in the dirt, where we got in bulk back down in the ground, Justin, looking good. I mean, it wasn’t that hard to put her and stuff is pretty light isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s really easy. The first year is always worse because we got to fill it up but it is easy to fill it is light fluffy. It has Dairy Doo in there already mixed in. It has a worm castings in there. Again, 17 handcrafted different ingredients to make a full potting soil so the Veggie Doo 301 is a really nice to work with. It’s organic. Now, it’s really just a watered in.

So, this was the week about getting basically putting together a new raised bed. Next week, we’re talking more about how you’re redoing when it’s already ready to go.

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