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What’s Growing With Tom: Reusing a Raised Garden Bed

Spring is here but it’s not quite feeling like it. That means you have time to get your raised beds done and ready for transplanting!

Last week we did a lot of work. We built, basically, a new raised bed together.

Now we’re just doing a simple, easy task; getting our flower bed back the way it should be.

That’s what’s nice about raised beds after the first year, as the second year is just maintaining. So, in a normal raised bed, things will settle a little bit and when we take the plants out, we have to refill it.

So you can go to to the data calculator to help show you how much you need. So just put the calculations of your bed in there, if it’s eight foot by three foot and then you want to go two inches because that’s what it settled, it’ll give you how many Flower Doo 201s you need.

So it’s pretty simple. What we did last time, we opened the bags and put it down.

It’s all ready mixed up, there’s Dairy Doo in there, you know there’s other things that we need in there. It’s an organic potting soil, the Flower 201 so it’s easy to use and ready to use.

What is the difference between the Flower Doo and Veggie Doo?

The Flower Doo has a lot more phosphorus in it. And there’s different ingredients in there to help make the big vibrant bloom that we’re looking for. So you can use this in the raised bed, like we’re doing here for flowers, you can do it in containers, window sills, or hanging baskets, but anything flowering, we help load up the nutrient, so we can have those big vibrant blooms that we’re looking for!

So it’s a small chemistry difference between the two?

Yeah, there’s quite a bit and in the Veggie Doo 301, we produce more stuff for growing vegetables. And we’re not doing that here when we’re doing flowers, we’re doing more bloom so we’re not harvesting. It’s a bit of a different recipe.

Make sure you water it! It doesn’t have any polymers or chemicals in here so it’s an organic product that needs water. Once you get that watered in, let some rainwater hit it and you’ll be good for the year.

Of course, we know it’s still too early to do any planting of our flowers or plants, so far, but that’s soon. And trust me, in next couple weeks we’re getting there. But before we get there, we need to talk about the lawn, the garden, everything that’s for Memorial Day weekend. That’s coming up next week.