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What’s Growing With Tom: Getting the Lawn Ready

With so much rain the last few days, you may have the grass popping! If you haven’t cut it yet, odds are you will need to soon.

It’s time to get your lawn ready for when things warm up and dry out.

Justin with says our first step is choosing the right fertilizer. 

Some things that I want the homeowner to know is there’s a couple different fertilizers made with a couple different ingredients.

The chemical fertilizer, or salt based fertilizer. You can see as a salt based fertilizer with water, dilutes that and you can see through it. So it’s going into our ground, and once we apply the water and the irrigation will drive that through our sandy soils and go into the aquifer. And so we get that quick 10 day green up and then it’s gone, because it’s rushing down into our into our aquifer.

So what we do with Safe Green Lawn, we put carbon there so it can help. As you can see the three, the three capsules here. As you apply that for your holidays, you know your Memorial Day or your Fourth of July and your Labor Day. This will help build that sandy soil, that’ll help hold water. It’s organic matter as the nutrient is in zone for that that grass the roots to build. And it’s organic, so it’s safe for our kids and our pets, and it has no phosphorus so if you’re on lakes and rivers, you’re safe.

So this stuff, it actually sticks to the sand everything underneath in the ground?

It actually like sticks to it and helps build it so you could take your organic matter up and as you take your organic matter up that helps hold more nutrient, it helps hold more water.

Which in turn, we’re talking long term lasting lawns!

We’re in the great state of water right, so we got to utilize our water and that drives salt based fertilizer into our aquifer.

Of course, our weather has been back and forth last couple of weeks. We’re putting down the safe green lawn this weekend, as it is Memorial Day weekend but also thinking about the plants so we know it’s about the time to put something in our raised beds. We’re getting to that next week.

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