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What’s Growing With Tom: Transplanting Veggies

The warmth is here and that means it’s time to plant!

Welcome back Northern Michigan, Justin Morgan from Morgan composting here with me, Justin has a special guest?

This week, Justin Morgan from and Tom are joined by David Coveyou from . His family’s been farming for 140 years and is the largest organic farmer in northern Michigan. He’s helping us plant our veggies in the right spot.

In a raised bed spacing is so important. Tomato plants to the north. The sun’s coming from the south.  Always plant these to the north of your bed, foot and a half at least apart. And then, keep in mind as you’re planting your tomatoes, you want to dig the plants deep. Tomatoes grow roots out their stem, so feel free to plant them as deep as you want, ripping off the small stems and planting them.

Behind, it’s good to have the low stuff.

With peppers, if you can get to 18 inches, plant the first ones out toward the edge of your bed. You don’t want to go super deep on the on the peppers.

The raised bed is real easy. It’s a little hot to put the seeds in from the pack, so we dug a trench and filled it in with the Seed Starter 101. This is all the right nutrition, so now we take the seeds, it’s hard to get enough spacing between small seeds because you can see how small they are exactly and then you would just sprinkle them on along the way, and then just cover them up and water them.

Awesome. So it’s pretty simple we’re doing and we already went through and took care of that side with David with our green beans and zucchini to come later on.

David said our key thing here for our tomatoes is, we need the cages.

Don’t forget the cages! You’ll notice that as they start growing up and you want to feed them up through the cages. You really don’t have to do too much, water and sunlight, and you can get some great plants very easily.


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