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What’s Growing With Tom: Planting Flowers

We made it through the frosty weekend, so now it’s time to plant our flowers.

has the extra phosphorus want for the big blooms to make our neighbors jealous, but we also want that big vibrant bloom, and that’s where the minerals come in.

There are 77 different trace minerals in there. It’s just a matter of digging the hole popping the plant out, and then looking at the different bottoms of the plants to make sure they’re not really rough. Break those roots up before putting it in the potting soil so they can get into the Flower Doo 201 to get the nutrient.

The nice thing is that it doesn’t take long to do, it’s just like the transplanting of the vegetables.

The biggest thing is you’ll get the kids out in the garden, and teach him how grow things, what to look for and how to be successful because no matter if you’re planting flowers or vegetables or what have you. It’s important to take care of next generation.

The Bloom Blaster is the next product that we’ll look at using to keep the nutrient and the phosphorus up. These plants can really take off on the Flower Doo 201, they will do a lot of the growing. We might have to give them a bump with the Bloom Blaster. That’s got a nice shot of phosphorus and it goes all over, so use that to spray over top of your flowers.

Now, how long will it take for us to put that stuff down to because I’m sure it’s a lot easier. Yeah, so give it a couple weeks, watch your plants, and then make sure we’ll show you how to use that bloom blaster. But, you know use it as a wave motion, not as a watering.

Taking the plants out and put them in the soil, pretty simple overall. Next week we’ll have some fun in the dirt in the food plot.

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