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Work Underway On Cadillac Veterans Cemetery

More progress is being made to build a place for families visit their heroes who have passed away.

The site design signs went up last week for the Whispering Pines Veterans Cemetery in Cadillac near the intersection of 45 and Haring Roads.

The project is being run by the Veterans Serving Veterans non-profit, also based in Cadillac.

Space continues to be cleared on five acres of land by volunteers to make room for construction.  The cemetery is being modeled after other national military cemeteries like the one in Arlington, Virginia. They hope to have it complete in one to two years and it will be the only one of its kind in Northern Michigan.

“The drive would be much easier for them to visit, come for the day, have their service here and we will be servicing many counties.  And this is definitely needed because there isn’t anything like it.  I think the closest we have is down in Grand Rapids,” said Susan Marcum, President of the Veterans Serving Veterans Park.

Veterans Serving Veterans is also making a lot of progress on their veteran’s community park near the airport in Cadillac.

They’ve begun work to clear a 5K trail and they’re in the process of building a much-needed new welcome center and maintenance building since they’re outgrown the original one.

“This will house all of our equipment and will be a repair facility.  Right now we have to take our equipment off site to do that.  We do have a Vietnam vet who’s a decent mechanic and does all that work for free,” said Roger Bandeen, Director of Veterans Serving Veterans, Inc.

Veterans Serving Veterans is always in need of volunteers to help with work on the park and cemetery.

They are also in need of monetary donations.

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