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What’s Growing With Tom: Summer Lawn Care

Summer is here northern Michigan! We are in dry spell with plenty of heat. The garden is being watered every day and the lawn as well.

Over the years we’ve been putting down and the results are incredible. The lawn is like a carpet!

The question is, why is putting down the amendments so important?

The biology being put down is what’s feeding the top and making everything happen. So, the biology going on in there makes nutrients available to the lawn. So, we put Dairy Doo in here, a small percentage in here and that’s what really helps break that the nutrient down for the lawn to feed from.

Is it safe, is it organic? First it’s a 10-0-4 with a calcium kick. Zero represents the phosphorus. That’s because we’re so concerned about algae blooms – phosphorus running into our lakes and rivers.

And it is organic, so have the kids help you out.  Make them push the spreader, so you can save a little energy on yourself.

One really nice thing is you don’t have to water immediately after spreading. It’s safe for you and your pets so just put it down when you can.

And if you want quicker results, another option is using . It has liquid carbon, zero phosphorus with a shot of Sulfur. It’s a simple spray on, you just have to make sure you keep it moving over the lawn. You don’t want one spot receiving too much of it.

This is the time of year for another application of Health Green Lawn.  Next week, we are back in the garden and showing you how things are going.

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