Forest Dunes Golf Club Introduces New Par-3 Course

Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon introduced an exciting new addition to its grounds Friday.

The club held a ceremonial first round of play for its new 10-hole, par-3 course.

The course offers a fun experience for golfers of any skill level, with holes measuring between 50 and 155 yards.

“It’s playable for any handicap player,” Forest Dunes Golf Club owner Lew Thompson said. “If you’re a shtick, you can come and throw darts at it. If you’re not a good player you can still come and play and not lose your ball and have a good time with your buddies. We want moms and dads to come and play with their kids and teach their kids. You can’t ask for a better way to spend time with your family.”

Designed by Riley Jones and Keith Rhebb, the par-3 course features a 957-yard layout and is located between the The Loop and Forest Dunes courses and near the clubhouse and HillTop Putting Course.

“There’s not going to be a lot of people that walk off this golf course without smiles on their faces or saying I want to go right back,” said Matt Ginella, a former host for the Golf Channel and Golf Advisor. “It’s just a great excuse to get together with groups of people and have fun.”

The new course will be open to the public at the end of July.