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What’s Growing With Tom: Garden Update

The summer heat has been strong the last few weeks and the garden is holding up.  Justin Morgan from and his nephew JJ joined us this week.

Even with a couple of frosty nights in early June our veggies are still looking good. They did take a hit with the cold but the recent heat and watering, our tomatoes and peppers are really taking off.

We know that the Veggie Doo helped them through the rough times. The dry weather isn’t a bad thing as it makes the plants look for water. In the end, making them stronger when the water arrives.

The plants look healthy and if we add Healthy Garden it provides a boost of vitamins with calcium, great for the tomato plants.

Being so dry for so long, we’ve been doing some extra watering just to make sure they are getting enough. Key thing is to water in the morning or late in the day and not during mid-day hours.

Justin says if you see the plants looking off or are starting to yellow, then healthy garden will help out. It’s an organic product and safe to use around the family and pets.

Now our other garden bed isn’t quite as great. The green beans are coming along but have taken a little more time to get going. The recent warm spell has really helped them and we already have a few beans ready to be picked.

There are 2 ways we can address what’s going on. Justin say a quick fix is using Veggie Blaster. It’s a liquid, applied by using the garden hose in a sweeping motion. It should give us a bump we are looking for.

Another option is using TerraNeem EC. It takes a little warm water to mix with and then apply. Key thing is to treat it like a vitamin and not a chemical. This will help build up the plants helping keep the plants healthy.

As for the rest of the plants, they are looking good. I just need to cut the lettuce down as I let it grow WAY too high.

Overall, the garden is looking very nice with no major problems. Next week we’ll be looking at the flower garden showing you how well it’s looking!

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