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What’s Growing With Tom: Flower Bed Update

Welcome back, northern Michigan! The weather continues to be beautiful.

Justin with and I are working on the flower garden and all I’ve been doing recently is getting rid of our dead heads every so often.

We know things are looking great but we want to keep things looking great. Bloom Blaster is a terrific addition to help really the flower popping.  It has lots of phosphorus, kelp and fulvic acid – Liquid Carbon!  It really helps to keep in the moisture when the days are hot.

Spraying it is really easy. The key is not to water with Bloom Blaster but to overtop with a crisscross action. It’s premixed so after just a few seconds of spraying, you are all set for another week or so.

If you don’t want to use Bloom Blaster, another option is Worm Doo. It’s an amendment and all you have to do is scratch it in and water it. Other options are using an all-purpose fertilizer or healthy garden. They will all help feed the plants keeping them looking beautiful.

We know putting down Dairy Doo products is easy but how about making them? Tune in next week when I head down Sears, the home of Morgan Composting, and show you how their compost is made.

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