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What’s Growing With Tom: Food Plot Part 1

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year when hunters need to start working on their food plots!

Bow hunters want a good plot because they are in the field earlier than gun hunters. The seed needs time to germinate and grow long enough before the cool air arrives.

Our plot is already cut down and just needs some help to make it fertile. That’s why we are putting down .  It has humates from North Dakota in it, you know has some other ingredients that really help build the soil.

Justin Morgan with says you may walk into a plot area that has poor soil or was left open by Mother Nature. He says it may be like that because of the poor fertility.

Best thing to add is something with organic material like Food Plot Doo. It helps build the weaker soils to help germinate the seed and let it grow quickly.

The last few years we’ve put down Lime to raise the PH of the soil. We don’t need it this year since we are not seeing any ferns in our plot area. They are a telltale sign of low ph.

Our Food Plot Doo is down, what’s the next step? Just till the soil. It takes time but that’s all you need to do.

After tilling, we need to pick the right seed for the plot.  You shouldn’t just pick any seed. Pick one that goes well with crops around your area. We’ll be talking about that next week.

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