Pit Spitters Season Resumes After Two-Week Hold

TRAVERSE CITY — The Pit Spitters season is back on after a hold that went into effect two weeks ago, just three games into the season.

The decision to pause the season came after several players tested positive for coronavirus on two of the three teams.

The Northern Michigan Pod will continue the rest of the year with games only between the Pit Spitters and the Resorters.

Pit Spitters manager Josh Rebandt said getting back on the diamond will help the team continue building the rhythm they started the season with.

“You know it’s a day in and day out sport and we haven’t been able to catch a rhythm.” Rebandt said. “I think after a couple days we’ll see the offense pick back up with where pitching has been at, but I think it’s been great so far.”

Gray Betts, outfielder and catcher for the Pit Spitters, said he is ready to get back to work and excited to be playing again.

“Playing three games and taking a break isn’t ideal obviously, but I mean you do what you can and so it’s exciting that we actually get back out here, get some more reps and get some more work in because that’s what it’s all about, just trying to get better everyday,” Betts said.

The Pit Spitters return to play with a game against the Resorters on Sunday.


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