Shepherd Suspends Football Conditioning Following COVID-19 Exposures

The Shepherd High School football program has suspended workouts for the remainder of this week after two of its players were exposed to COVID-19.

The two players are not currently experiencing symptoms, but the school wanted to exercise caution before moving forward.

The program says that two of its players were exposed to the coronavirus from July 12 to July 17 and had participated in team workouts from July 20 through July 23 before the players were informed of the exposure.

Shepherd had more than 50 student-athletes participating in the conditioning workouts, and as a result the school has suspended workouts until the two players receive their test results.

“Our big thing was to make sure we were doing the right things and being leaders,” Shepherd coach Ben Brock said. “Showing leadership here and stepping up and saying, ‘Hey, look if there’s a chance we’ve been exposed, we don’t want to keep doing this just for the sake of football.’ Right now, it’s our passion, but at the same time, our health and well-being of our players and program is the most important thing.”

The school plans on resuming conditioning on Monday, if the test results are negative.

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