Sights and Sounds of Grand Traverse County BMX Raceway

The MISportsNow team recently paid a visit to Grand Traverse County BMX Raceway for a night of racing.

Located in Traverse City near Northwestern Michigan Fairgrounds, Grand Traverse County BMX Raceway hosts races every Thursday evening through early October. Practice is held every Tuesday, with Thursday night racing beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert racer, Grand Traverse County BMX Raceway is a perfect play to start racing.

“It’s definitely a big family sport. A lot of times one kid starts and then a brother or sister join and then mom or dad join and then they get their cousins out here,” GTC BMX Raceway secretary and volunteer Samantha Magee said. “It’s not just a one-person sport, it’s a whole family sport, and everybody can participate. The energy is just fun and exciting, and it’s an awesome sport.”

“I just do it as an off-season workout, because I race snowmobiles in the winter and quads in the summer, so I just use it as an additional sport,” added 12-year-old Cadillac racer Kasen Dunn. “It’s a really nice atmosphere and it’s really fun and you have people that are just as competitive as you are.”

To learn more about Grand Traverse County BMX Raceway, visit here.