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What’s Growing With Tom: Food Plot Part 2

If you , it was all about preparing our food plot. This week it’s all about seed.

Justin Morgan from and I already tilled the land, it’s looking nice and neat ready for our seed.

Justin brought us a lot of seed options: Chicory mix, Deer pasture, Morgan’s big buck, and Triple Threat.  Why some many?

The key point is to plant what is not available in your area. Make it special for the deer.

Once choosing the seed, all you need do is plant it.

We were lucky enough to have a plot master. A machine that makes this job a lot easier. Since most of you don’t have one, the next best thing to use is a hand spreader or push spreader.

The nice thing is we already have the fertility of the soil looking good so this seed should grow quickly as long as we get the rain.

Once the seed is planted, we need to make sure there is good seed to soil contact. Using a chain link fence with a 4×4 post will do the trick if you don’t have roller.

All done… for now. If things don’t look good in a few weeks, we can come in with some alpha blaster or forage blaster to give the seeds a boost.

We’ll be back to check how everything is doing in a few weeks.

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