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What’s Growing With Tom: Veggie & Tree Update

We’re back in the vegetable garden this week taking a look at how everything is going. Other than a few small issues, the veggies are looking good.

Justin Morgan from says, “Hey, it looks great, you know things are coming really nice. As we can see, there’s a couple things we’re going to work on. OK, so I’m looking at the peppers are easy enough. If they start to wilt like this here, it just means they’re not quite getting enough water. So the second thing is blossom end rot is where the bottom of the tomato will turn like a brown color, and that’s a lack of calcium.”

He says one way to fix that is by using Healthy Garden. It’s a pelletized fertilizer with Dairy Doo, calcium and many other nutrients.

Our broccoli are in great shape and I decided to harvest them before they go to seed.

Since our veggies are looking good, we headed over to our trees. In the past, we’ve had issues with Japanese beetles. You can check out what I’ve been doing to take care of them on

The cherry tree is in good shape. There’s a touch of yellow on the leaves but nothing excessive. If there was a problem, Justin says Fruit Blaster would be perfect to spray over the tree for about 10 seconds. Key things is NOT to water it with Fruit Blaster. It has liquid carbon and kelp to help trees with disease and stress during years like this.

We don’t need to put down any Tree and Shrub Doo right now, but Justin recommends we do this fall to help the young tree through the winter.

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