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What’s Growing With Tom: Flower Bed Update

Last week we took a dive into the vegetable garden, this week we are looking at the flower garden.

Before I left on my vacation, the garden was incredible with tons of bright color. It’s just over a week later and things have changed. I can see a lot of Japanese beetles and a handful of little bugs all over the flowers.

Some of the blooms have really lost their color and I don’t see many new blooms coming up.

This year I put up a Bag-A-Bug bag to help trap the beetles. This has helped, but obviously the flowers need something extra to get through this tough time.

Justin Morgan with agrees the Bag-A-Bug product is a nice and safe way to try and control the beetle issue. He also recommends spraying flowers with Bloom Blaster. It is rich in vitamins and has kelp as well.  So this will really help the plants bounce back.

The key thing about Bloom Blaster is you don’t want to water the plants with it. Justin says just 3-5 seconds is all you need. You can do it every 7 to 14 days, preferably in the evenings after the heat of the day.

Now, if your plants aren’t so packed in there, you can use Healthy Garden. It’s organic with Dairy Doo in it to help the plants get strong once again.

Our goal is to get those flowers looking great once again and get them to last until the first frost. That frost may come in September or October but when it does, it reminds you fall is not far away.

Next week, we will be in the food plot showing you how quickly it’s growing and how you can help it be ready for the fall hunting season.

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