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What’s Growing With Tom: Food Plot Update

Just 3 weeks ago we planted the food plot.

It may be hard to believe but there’s plenty of green showing.

There are some brassicas, clover and you can see a couple deer track.

By the ground, things look great but standing up, there are thin spots. I’m not complaining since we just planted 3 weeks ago.

Justin says considering the limited rain this summer and the heat we’ve had, he’s happy with how it’s doing.

We’ve built the soil up the last few years.

There’s more carbon in there helping capture and hold in whatever rain that falls.

He stresses on using carbon based fertilizers like Food Plot Doo.

Even though it’s growing, he recommends spraying the plot.

Morgan Composting has 2 options but due to our brassicas and clover Justin says Forage Blaster is the right choice.

It has lots of liquid carbon with kelp that will help feed the plants. This should help keep our deer in our area so we have the best shot of harvesting them this fall.

It’s not hard to spray the plants.

It just takes time and that is the key thing. It takes time to fertilize and plant and be consistent over years.

Given that time, you can end up with a great food plot, flowers or lawn.

The lawn is where you’ll see us next week and it’s looking incredible. See you then!

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