Football Teams Wait for Season

Thursday would have marked the beginning of the 2020 high school football season in Michigan, but players and coaches now are waiting to see when the football season will be played in the spring.

Beginning this past Monday and lasting through Oct. 31, football programs throughout the state are allowed 16 voluntary, out-of-season contact dates with players and coaches.

As much as area coaches wanted to be on the sidelines Thursday and Friday, they are happy to have those extra practices to prepare for the spring season.

“I had to walk by the football field a couple times and that’s where it really hit me, you know, the lost opportunity for these guys. But that said, starting Monday, we’re going to start practicing again,” Cadillac coach Cody Mallory said. “It’s an opportunity to get back with our guys. So not really dwelling on what could have been. Just really focused on the opportunities.”

The MHSAA is expected to establish a spring football schedule later this fall.

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